Maintenance Service

Self Photos / Files - 4We are leading Contractors and provide exceptional maintenance services by a system of effective maintenance programs tailored to fit the needs of our customers. We equip users with a better network through maintenance and support that is reliable, highly productive and faster than ever before. In addition we also serve with firmware updates, repair and proactive services. All this in economic prices making it a cost effective and efficient package.


Self Photos / Files - 5Regardless of the size of a business, professional and reliable IT expertise could be difficult to find. We understand the importance of after sales services particularly in this industry, so we commit to provide 1 year extensive on-site maintenance service and 7x24x4 hours emergency call service, and 3 years on-site service for cabling projects.


We highly value each client and commit to provide the best service.

Maintenance of Server Room

Standard services parts included in Maintenance

UPS Printed Circuit Board, power supply, LCD display
Sensaphone Remote Monitoring System Printed Circuit Board, power supply, LCD display
Computer Rated Air Conditioner / Air Conditioner Control Unit, Condenser, Compressor, Heater, Humidifier
FM-200 / Smoke Detection System Optical Smoke Detector, Fire Alarm Bell, Flashing Light
Access Control System Printed Circuit Board, power supply
Structured Cabling System Patch Panel, UTP Horizontal cable, Outlet module
Software Product Patch Update, Hotline support, Problem Diagnostic

Maintenance of Network

3Link is always committed to bring value to our customers by maintaining the highest standard of excellence, ensuring quality of the delivered services and minimizing the risk to your business.


Scope of IT Outsourcing Service


1. Certified Platform / Technical Skills
  • Servers and Operating Systems
  • Hardware Installation and Configuration


2. Professional Standard of System Protection
  • Anti-Virus Protection and Data Backup
  • Security Systems


3.Proven Desktop Applications Knowledge
  • Desktop Applications
  • Email Systems
  • Internet Browsers
  • Miscellaneous Software Packages