Server Room Design and Builder's Work

3Link designs and constructs the sever room, altering the size and location according to the client's individual requirements. We will use 2-hour fire rated partition for the wall with 2-hour fire rated door. This is the standard requirement from the Hong Kong Fire Services Department. Due to the limitations of a standard room ceiling, anti-static, sticky and waterproof cement paint would be used as a false ceiling instead. Upon client request, we will separate the server room to different divisions with different security level areas to classify the end user permission. Wire netting will be used to separate the divisions, as well as door lock and Access Control to ensure the safety for different zones. Our design also includes an exit light box and emergency light box.

Building and painting server room

Supply and install ceiling system

Supply and install 2-hour fire rated single/double leaf swinging outward door with viewing panel

Supply and install EXIT illustrating board inside server room