Electrical System

The Electrical System is a significant part of the Server Room. We are determined to provide a stable, secure, resilient, reliable and cost effective solution to the every customer.


Our professional technicians will estimate each customer potential electric usage for each server room and will conduct a diagram according to the customer's requirements in order to maximize efficiency, allow expansion and adaptation in the long run.

Power cables and sockets:

13A dual sockets are built and power cables are located for later UPS installation.

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Electrical Distribution Boxes

Electrical boxes will be installed including:

  • Main Power Distribution Unit
  • Sub Power Distribution Unit
  • UPS Bypass Unit
  • Emergency power auto change-over

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UPS Emergency Power Off (EPO):

Emergency Power Off button will be installed near main entrance for emergency electrical power cut off.

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MCB board with main switch to control all electrical equipment's in server room.

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UPS Power Distribution Units

  • Main power from building through main power distribution unit
  • Connected with UPS bypass unit
  • UPS provide electrical power to sub power distribution unit to electrical appliances

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Battery Cabinet and Batteries Installation

  • Supply and install batteries inside the battery cabinet.
  • Cables are connected in groups and finally connected to main UPS system.

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Isolation Transformer

Installation of isolation transformer for additional protection to the electrical system when emergency power is used.

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