Air-Conditioning System

We recommend our customers to place the equipment in racks with cool air intake and hot air exhaust out at the back. This enables better ventilation in air conditioning system and fan coil unit.  

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The intelligent air containment solution is the industry's latest innovation for CRAC system, designed to increase cooling system efficiency and protect IT equipment. Signals are automatically sent to the system to calculate accurately the size of the cooling airflow required to match the load of the IT equipment, providing a reduction in energy compared to conventional cooling systems. There are two different approaches based on containing hot or cold aisles in the Data Centre. The relative efficiency is dependent on the individual business' objective and requirements.


The rigid enclosure of the Data Centre includes transparent ceiling panels, optimizing LUX levels, and end of aisle automatic sliding doors. 3Link offer an easy and effective system that can be adapted to suit individual environments and adaptive to accommodate future needs.

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Containment Solutions are flexible, feature-rich products for both cold aisle containment that offers superior airflow management, resulting in reduced operating costs. Ideal for retrofits and small physical footprint requirements, this solution confines the cold air supply to an entirely closed off area targeted at cooling IT equipment instead of the room.

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In-Floor Cooling Solutions

These products have enabled a raised floor environment to accommodate these changes by offering the ability to handle extremely high density racks, adjust cooling to match variable heat loads. The In-floor Cooling solutions can easily be used in retrofit applications or new construction. So take a new efficient angle on how you approach cooling your data center.

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